Whitecourt Repeater

Updated June 22, 2009

The Amateur Radio League of Alberta (ARLA) received approval to build the VE6PP repeater on Whitecourt Mountain in October 1980. ARLA operated the repeater until June of 1987 when the Quarter Century Amateur Radio Club (QCARC) took over operation of VE6PP. The next year, QCARC upgraded the operation by moving the repeater from the deisel room to a separate 'shack' provided by the club. At that time a Micor base station was put into service.  The Micor provided service until 2009 when the club installed the current package (see below).  The repeater provides a wide coverage area from its new antenna location on Whitecourt mountain. 'PP' provides coverage from Onaway to Smokey River along Hwy 44 and from Lake Wabamun to Edson along Highway 16.

VE6PP has UHF linking capability to the SARA linking system. A Linkcom RLC-2 controller enables the linking and other functions provided on the repeater.

Here are the parameters and codes for the Whitecourt repeater which is commonly referred to as "Papa-Papa":

New Repeater Site at Whitecourt (Glentel)Old Repeater Site (Forest Lookout)  



VHF antenna at New Site (210C4)  James installing dual band antenna for linking and APRS