Quarter Century Amateur Radio Club Information



Ian Burn VE6OB and Peter Morrison VE6PM founded the Quarter Century Amateur Radio Club (QCARC) in February 1984.  The objective of the Club is to provide long-range VHF repeater services to Edmonton and the surrounding area. The revenue required to maintain these repeaters is received entirely from our membership.


QCARC was incorporated on May 28, 1985 and registered under the Societies Act with Alberta Municipal Affairs.


QCARC currently operates and maintains four long-range repeaters. 


VE6QCR operates on 146.64 MHz -600 kHz, is located 7 miles north of Stony Plain at the Alta Link tower site, and covers most of the greater Edmonton area. 


VE6PP operates on 146.82 MHz -600 kHz near Whitecourt providing coverage along highway 43 from  near Onoway to Fox Creek. VE6PP is linked to the NARC System VE6HM repeater (682 on, 683 off). APRS on site.


VE6SS operates on 146.88 MHz -600 kHz at the Alta Link site near Pigeon Lake and covers a large area south of Edmonton.


VE6BOX operates on 146.73 MHz -600 kHz, near Athabasca and covers  areas along highways 2, 28, and 44 north of Edmonton. VE6BOX is linked to the SARA system (672* on, 673* off). APRS on site.


Members are encouraged to volunteer for positions on the club executive.  If you are interested or if you have any questions regarding QCARC or its repeater activities, please do not hesitate to contact any member of the executive: Your 2019-2020 club executives are:



Terry Whitson, VE6EM                                                            


VICE PRESIDENT                                                                  

Neil Brown, VE6TCK


SECRETARY TREASURER                                                    

Paul Tyschuk, VE6UFO    


Jim Camp, VA6JC 

Al Hall, VE6AH   

Willy Korchinski, VE6WZK                                             



Les Abbott, VE6OG

Neil Brown, VE6TCK

Jim Camp, VA6JC


We accept donations of ham radio items. Call VE6UFO 780-232-7012 for pickup.